Friday, January 4, 2013

As an amateur real estate investor, I often meet developers in Costa Rica that have been referred to me by some well known and trusted real estate companies and the latest one that I met was a gentleman by the name of Raymond Cruz who is the new business director for the Monte Cielo, Costa Rica Gated Community project.

I first met Raymond about a few weeks ago right before Christmas after my good friend Lindsay told me that if I was looking for a great investment opportunity in the Tarcoles area of Puntarenas he was the one to talk to.

Raymond and his partner Fred took me to the Monte Cielo development which was a mere 30-40 minutes away from Escazu in Tarcoles, Costa Rica. When he showed me the first lot, I was sold immediately. 

Monte Cielo View from a Lot
This is to say without a doubt the most beautiful view of all of the properties I have seen in Costa Rica. 

Here is the picture of the view from one of the lots and I have to say that the picture I took doesn't even come close to describing what I actually saw with the panoramic view of my eyes.

The best part about this is that the infrastructure is very close to completion and the investment buy-in was only $25,000 USD.

Obviously, I wasn't just gonna throw money at a project so I had my attorney and one of my real estate buddy dig into the property to make sure everything was kosher and legit.

After a quick background check, this amazing property is clear of any liens, each lot has its own title and paperwork and each lot has actually been officially appraised the Costa Rican Govt.  The property is actually owned by the Canadian man called, Douglas Grosse who purchased the property(300 hectares!!!) back in 2005 and has now begun his move to start developing Monte Cielo with Raymond Cruz and Fred Reynar.

With the support from my attorney and my real estate friend Mike, I took the plunge and sent them the deposit for the investment and today I just received all of the ownership and investment paperwork!

Man I love Costa Rica and I am sure I will make a lot of money from this property.

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  1. What happened? Did it work out? Curious, I see him post often about investment opportunities.